Friday, March 12, 2010


Controversy abounds.... again.

Those of you who know me well… and if you are reading this then you probably do…. Anyway, you know I don’t always handle things in the best way possible. I especially don’t handle controversies within my denomination. I’m usually not even smart enough to understand them but they drive me crazy just the same.

For this reason, I rarely read state convention annuals Or the Southern Baptist Convention annuals…. Even though they are at my finger tips because I know… I will react.

I thought I was getting better through avoidance. But today, my supervisor suggested that I read the front page of our state Baptist paper. I knew this was going to lead to no good for me…. Yet, I went and read the article anyway. Even before I picked it up I knew my “very favorite Baptist” would be involved. I even sort of asked my supervisor about this in order to brace myself… She clearly didn’t understand what I was asking because she said this was a whole new bunch of folks…. It turned out not to be like that… it was a new group but using some of the same ol’ folks. Gah!

I never handle this stuff well. Never ever ever. I hate it. Then I start posting snippy remarks on Twitter. (I do have my account protected now for that very reason).

Here’s the link to the article that upset me this time….

Now again, I’m not really smart enough to have an opinion. But, that never stops me. Reading the article made me wonder… well maybe change is good… even if it hurts… that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move forward. So, that’s me trying to be open minded. But mostly… I just think the same power grubbing man is again stirring up trouble. I’m not for it… It will radically affect each state’s on convention. Even my own job could be affected. (just in what I do… not if I have one) Why do we listen to that one man so much?

Mostly though I regret… that I keep getting sucked into finding out about this stuff… Ignorance could be bliss. I want to be ignorant… my opinion doesn’t count anyway, Just let me be.

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