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So I told you I’d be blogging more about the homeless but this post is not about the homeless. This post is about the new football coach in Florida who is reeking havoc on my life. I’d tell you his name but I don’t want there to be any chance of my blog being found by people Googling him. But, I guess I can tell you his initials. They are J. F. He went to the school I currently work for. Then after he graduated, he had his first coaching job here under a head coach who just happened to be the son of the head coach this guy is replacing in Florida. I’m telling you… this man is killing me! I sort of want to ask God…. Actually, I have asked God, to PLEASE let me know if any of the current students here might reach some sort of fame in the future just so I can go ahead and index the heck of out of them. Every day we seem to get new research requests concerning J.F. Adding to the hubbub is the fact that his first game as a head coach will be against us, the team he had his first coaching job with. We actually had the school in Florida call us and ask that we find a picture of J.F. coaching on the sidelines here wearing one of THEIR team hats. How outrageous. How many coaches wear hats for other teams during games? Surely, that is illegal. Me and my department head searched all Friday afternoon for a sideline picture of him with or without a hat. Then when we found a couple, we told them what they found and they actually said, “Nah!” Outrageous!!!! We’ve had other similar requests as well from journalists… as if we knew 25 years ago we needed to specially note this man in our records. We may be a smaller school but that doesn’t mean we can document photographically in various settings every single person that has come here. Again, Outrageous!!! The coach he is replacing is also an alum and a former coach of here. Over the years we’ve had many requests for pictures of him as well but none this crazy.

I probably shouldn’t…. but, I so am going to share a picture with you.

When I first saw this picture, I thought, “Awww they had a coach picture day with a prescribed outfit and they bought him the wrong pants and he has no choice but to wear them.” Sort of like what happens to bridesmaids. No matter how the dress fits, you have to wear it. But, as I continued to find pictures I realized that no, in fact, J.F. just seems to like his pants tight. Notice the shirt as well, I think he may have been a player in more ways than one.

Too tight....AND they're OLD MAN PANTS as well! Doesn't seem possible!
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