Monday, February 23, 2009


House of Love

Okay, so there is a pretty good chance that I might be in love with the fella pictured above. It’s sort of sad because I don’t know him but at this point… I’m not going to let that stop me. For those of you who don’t know who that fella is… It’s Mr. Griffin House [i]. He’s one of the fellas that I plan to either name a child or pet after. The other fella is, of course, Mr. Rufus Sewell[ii]. I’m also sort of considering the name Diggory… after the Harry Potter character[iii]. So let me be clear here… If you know me… I call those names… do not use them for your own children or pets. If you do, I will be bitter. I say this because someone told me a couple of weeks ago that they planned to eventually get a basset hound and name him one of those names. I’m sorry I will not share my names… those have been my names for a long time[iv]… I don’t share well… find your own names. If you don’t know me… or if you don’t know me well… feel free to use them.

Friday night I saw Mr. House again in concert. He didn’t go on stage until 10:45 p.m. That was pretty late for this 35 year old Baptist Librarian. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it… Had I known in the first place what time he’d be taking the stage, I may not have bothered getting a ticket. Luckily I didn’t know. Because It was a great concert… not once was I in danger of falling asleep. However, I was in danger of asphyxiating at one point because it was so dang hot… but, not once did I begin to nod off. I’m telling you I’d classify it as one of my top favorite concerts.
On the second or 3rd song Griffin jumped off the stage and started dancing with this chick in the audience. I immediately thanked God it wasn’t me because I wouldn’t have handled that situation with any sort of dignity… but then I got bitter that it wasn’t me because… I might love Griffin and that would have been awesome. Even though I’m an ageist… I’m willing to make an exception for him because even though I don’t know him, I imagine him to be very very delightful.

It is such a good thing that the first time I saw Mr. House in concert, I didn’t really know who he was yet [v]… and he had not danced for me. That was a very small venue… I could have attacked him there… and by attacked… I mean said hello and giggled uncontrollably. But of course, I totally regret that I did not love him yet… because I could have said hello and giggled uncontrollably. I’m going to trust God knew what he was doing by having me ignorant at that point.

Since Friday night I have been in communication with God, the creator of the Universe, [vi] about Mr. House and how I’d like him delivered unto me. Clearly, I realize that is not reasonable… on so many levels that’s just not right… Still, that is what I’d like and I believe in being honest with God because he already knows my heart and my mind… I expect God will answer that prayer. Though, I will not be holding my breath that Mr. House and I will ever be on a first name basis. It’s probably best for everyone if that never happens.

Purple and I are making plans to quit our jobs and follow him around. She might love him too. However, since neither of us are officially insane it is unlikely that either of us will actually do that. Plus, I have a cat and she has 2 dogs to think about. Our critters depend on us. I’m pretty sure my darling cat would not enjoy a life on the road. If Griffin believes in God and I'm pretty sure he does... He might want to take a moment and thank the good Lord himself that we both have dependant critters. Of course, if all goes well... he will never know about my insanity. That I believe would be best. I will try and deal with my delusions on my own... well, and I will keep talking to God.

[iv] (my claim to Rufus actually goes back at least 2 years)
[v] ibid
[vi] Isaiah 40:28


So am I to blame for this new addiction?
uhm, yeah... most likely you are. Thank You!
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